Dr.Maxine Bryant

Delivering the B.E.S.T  in Project Design & Dynamics


All Bryant Educational Seminars & Training (B.E.S.T.) workshops and keynote speeches are specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer.  Therefore, no two teambuilding workshops, strategic planning workshops, etc. will look the same.  In addition, based on the initial needs assessment, the time frame, activities, and information shared will differ from workshop to workshop.  Below you will find a template overview of workshops and offered by B.E.S.T.  If you wish to request a workshop that is not specifically listed, please call Pat Maltz at (612) 876.7964 to determine if one can be designed specifically to meet your needs.  In addition, Ms. Bryant delivers dynamic keynote speeches.  A sample list of keynote speeches she has delivered follows the workshop topics.  All engagements must be booked through Pat Maltz

Diversity/Culture workshops may range from six (6) – eighteen (18) hours in length over a 1 –3 day period.  Many organizations will request at least a 2-day workshop to reap optimal benefits.  Basic components include:  1) Definitions of words/phrases associated with diversity  2) Cultural Heritage Memories   3) Childhood Messages   4)  Communication    5)  Myths & Stereotypes   6)  An Action Plan for Behavioral Change.

Known for her motivational and inspirational style, Maxine is a sought after motivational keynote speaker.  Additionally, she can design a basic motivational workshop that speaks to a variety of topics including, but not limited to reducing workplace negativity, self-motivation, stress relief, etc.  A much requested motivational workshop is ‘I Want My Groove Back’.  This four (4) hour workshop is designed to help participants find their place of peace is a topsy-turvy world.  

Supporting the Recently Released Prisoner
Dr. Bryant’s God-given passion is offender reintegration.  She has a national reputation as an expert and is a sought-after speaker on this topic.  This workshop focuses on ways family members, friends, and employers can effectively support persons with criminal histories in their efforts to remain crime and drug-free and successfully reintegrate into society.

Trauma Responsive Care
This 2 – 4-hour workshop covers a core factor connected to recidivism and addiction:  unaddressed childhood trauma.  Sharing stories from her own life and referencing scientific studies from CDC and Kaiser Permanente, Dr. Bryant informs audiences on the realities of unaddressed trauma and the often devastating results.  Dr. Bryant tailor designs this workshop specifically for correctional facilities and for workplaces in any arena.
True Colors/Team Building
Being a Certified True Colors Consultant enables me to utilize this innovative tool to help staff members better understand themselves and their co-workers.  This workshop helps to build staff cohesiveness in a way that goes beyond a basic teambuilding workshop.  True Colors is based on Myers-Briggs.


  • I Want My Groove Back!  (PowerNet of Dayton)
  • Utilizing Your Communication Power  (International Training in Communication Annual Dinner)
  • Laugh About It!  Humor in the Workplace  (Michigan Dept. of Public Health Conference Luncheon)
  • The Power of Words  (International Training in Communication Awards Banquet)
  • Eternal Internal Beauty!  (VISIONS Summer Beauty Camp Mother/Daughter Tea)
  • Get Ready, Get Set, Go!  (Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center Graduation)
  • The Tongue:  A Matter of Life & Death (Ambassadors of Christ Church Women’s Retreat)