I want my Groove Back!......God's Way!

This inspirational, Bible-based book is insightful, concise, and an easy read.  i want my groove back!... God’s Way offers an impactful word of wisdom to help readers regain lost focus, fire, and hope.  In a very real way, this book guides readers to a firm foundation in life and offers a plan for attaining a ‘holistic state of groove’ that one cannot only find within one’s self but must also involve an outward journey to God.  Dr. Bryant uses her own experiences and spiritual insights to guide the reader to a place of real ‘groove’ and she provides helpful advice on how to recognize and avoid “groove stealers” and “groove imitators.

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Have you ever been frozen in fear, stuck on stupid, literally lost in love, tormented with troubling relationships, felt disconnected, discombobulated, and dismissed?  Has parenting ever felt more like a burden than a blessing?  Have you questioned your own sanity, doubted your own self-worth, wished you were someone else—somewhere else?  Do you often feel you’re not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not talented enough, unworthy, unlovable, and undeserving?  Then you know what it feels like to be out of your groove!  And the Groove Doctor, Maxine Bryant, has just the right prescription!
Since its launch in 2007, ‘i want my groove back!..,., God’s Way’ has inspired men and women from Las Vegas, NV to Atlanta, GA, and several states in between. 

Maxine felt led to begin having Groove Back Parties as a way to promote the book and help inspire women to move forward toward their destinies.  Groove Back Parties are fun times for ladies to get together and have ‘sister friend’ time. Anyone can have a Groove Back Party!  Set a date, invite friends, fix some snacks, and Maxine will come free of charge to facilitate to girl’s ‘night/day’ out Groove Back Party. 

That’s right – no fee involved. Women in Indianapolis, IN; Saginaw, MI; Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA; and Savannah, GA have hosted Groove Back Parities. Church’s women’s groups have had Groove Back Parties!  Women come away from the parties empowered, inspired, and energized. Call Pat Maltz at 612.876.7964 to schedule your Groove Back Party today!

In 2017 Maxine and her team held the first annual Groove Back Conference in Savannah, GA.  Women came from Georgia and South Carolina to be a part of this inaugural conference!  They did not leave disappointed.

Maxine is a licensed minister and is available to speak at your church conference.  Call Pat Malz, 612.876.7964 to find out how you can bring Maxine to minister at your church or for your women’s group.

Dr.Maxine Bryant

Maxine’s first book,  i want my groove back....GOD’S WAY,  is receiving national acclaim and is available at www.maxinebryant.com.  This powerful work offers impactful, inspirational Bible-based words of wisdom to help readers regain lost focus, fire, and hope. Maxine recently published her second book, The Truth Be Told, which is a collection of some of her finest poems.

A collection of poetry from my heart to yours. The topics they speak of range from my experience in the Slave River in Accra, Ghana to the Black American experience in the US. You’ll read poems from my heart about transformation, love, and heartbreak. Finally, you will meet my family through my poetry.”

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“The depth and rhythm radiating from these poems mirror the historicity of a generation of upwardly mobile, struggling, liberated, love-seeking, intellectual women determined to express themselves in ways that capture the sheer complexities of their experiences.  Maxine’s poems are a must-read.  They are simply awesome”

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