Dr.Maxine Bryant

"Delivering the B.E.S.T. in Training Design and Dynamics”!

Drawing upon God-given communication talents and gifts, Maxine Bryant, combines proven instructional design techniques and an award-winning presentation style to inspire and instruct, to educate and enlighten, to plan, promote, and problem solve, and to embrace participants in an exhilarating experience.  Dr. Bryant’s expertise has assisted private industry and non-profit businesses to forward move to realize their desired goals.

Satisfied customers include:

  • National Offender Workforce Development                  
  • School District of Illinois
  • Project Safe Neighborhood                                             
  • Institute for Human Services, Columbus, OH
  • Watson-McCord Board of Directors                               
  • Thomson Consumer Electronics
  • Salvation Army                                                                   
  • Michigan Public Health Institute
  • Michigan Department of Community Health                 
  • Planned Parenthood
  • National Council of Negro Women                                   
  • Junior League of Savannah

All Bryant Educational Seminars & Training (B.E.S.T.) workshops are specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer.    Topic areas include (but are not limited to):

 Cultural Sensitivity |Diversity & Inclusion|Teambuilding | Trauma-Informed Care|Substance Abuse Prevention/Intervention | Successful Reintegration for People With Criminal Histories |True Colors Certified Consultant

Dr. Bryant possesses a God-given passion for people with criminal histories.  In addition to keynote presentation and workshop facilitation, Dr. Bryant uses B.E.S.T. to address their needs.  She developed Neighborhood Networks to train volunteers to mentor newly released prisoners.  Additionally, B.E.S.T. hosts the annual Spring ‘When Is The Debt Paid’ Conference that offers information, education, hope, and inspiration for newly released prisoners.  Recognizing her keen insight regarding the needs citizens returning from incarceration, Dr. Bryant is a highly sought after consultant for people and organizations who work with released prisoners.  She has been very instrumental in creating a successful experience for everyone – both the organization and released prisoners.